Sláinte, and a bit about me

IF WE MET FOR TEA, I'D SAY... I don't dance at crossroads; I do drink Guinness. I don't know your grandmother; I do know how to put a hen to sleep. I don't eat corned beef with cabbage; I do enjoy a mashed spud with gravy. I don't dye my hair green on St. Patrick's Day; I do know that there is so much more to Ireland than shamrocks and leprechauns and old-fashioned aran sweaters. 

IF WE MET FOR A PINT, I'D DIG A LITTLE DEEPER... I was especially affected by a "Buy Irish" campaign when growing up in Ireland, and have always endeavored to support Irish bakers, farmers, writers, musicians, bartenders, and artists. When I moved to New York fifteen years ago, I found I could still support the bartenders but it was nigh impossible to get contemporary Irish goods here. There was plenty of aran, claddagh, Waterford Crystal, Irish "pub songs," and cheesy kiss-me-I'm-Irish t-shirts, but for some reason, all the amazing Irish design, music, and style I'd see when I visited home was just not making its way across the Atlantic. Rather than just be offended at the misrepresentation of Ireland abroad, I thought I'd gather and share my faves, finds, tips, thoughts, rants, and raves here instead. I travel home as often as I can (though New York is also home, now) and I genuinely care about maintaining—and fostering—an authentic connection to Ireland; please feel free to share any new Irish finds or favorites with me at jacintaoh[at]

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Jac

Photos by Annabel Braithwaite