Mar 18, 2014

Watch this Space: The Strypes

Snapshot from the Strypes
Have you heard of the Strypes yet? Well, in short, they're putting Co. Cavan on the map. A little longer, they're four ridiculously young and talented lads—guitarist/vocalist Josh McClorey, Bassist/harmonica-player Pete O’Hanlon, drummer Evan Walsh, and lead vocalist /frontman Ross Farrelly—from Cavan with a hard-driving sound that suggests the Beatles/the Ramones/the White Stripes. They write their own songs (as well as playing covers, very well btw), play their own instruments (with confidence, swagger, and actual talent), and have been earning a following the good old fashioned way—by playing the road and rocking hard.  They're gathering all sorts of buzz on this side of the Atlantic and I can't wait to see what they do with it.

I love that the last thing you notice about these boys is their looks. So refreshing.

The Strypes at SXSW earlier this week

Let the fanaticism begin:
The Strypes debut album, Snapshot, was released TODAY in the States and you can find it/support these small town boys/say you knew them when by buying it on Amazon, iTunes, or their website.
Catch them on tour now if you can.
Follow them on FB and Twitter
When you are caught up with the new album, be sure to check out even newer just-released EP, 4-Track Mind on Spotify.

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