Mar 11, 2014

50 Shades of Green

There's a lot of token green stuff on the interwebs this week but rather than round up the usual green Irish suspects, I thought I'd just randomly share some green non-Irish stuff I've been lusting after. Just because green happens to be my favorite color. Okay, if you strapped me to a chair, I'd have to admit that technically, it's a tie between green (every shade) and aqua/aquamarine blues which have a little green in them. I just want to be clear here in case I get hit by a bus tomorrow and someone thinks to bury me in Royal Blue which I would not love at all. I don't look good in reds, either. Bury me in aqua, please. 
Anyway (says she with an annoyed you-digress tone), back to green ... I have a Pinterest board named 50 Shades of Green (I digress: I think this would make a great name for a sexy Irish animated series -- animated because no one really wants to see Irish people knocking wellies) where I occasionally add green things I love. Rather than confine my current green obsessions to an unfrequented board (I digress: my most repinned pin on Pinterest—try saying that five times fast—is one of Anne Hathaway with bangs), I'm sharing some green here. I really hope you like green things after making your way through that mazelike paragraph.

Tip: do not let the word "Shamrock" fool you into thinking you should rock all this green at once.

Final sidenote: I may start posting non-Irish stuff here more regularly. Just to digress from regular programming. And because my original focus for this blog has broadened. And I like to shop virtually.

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