Feb 24, 2014

I'd Like to Thank ... Don O'Neill

I shop when I'm about to start something new. This could mean I'm not confident with my own nakedness. Or I hide behind clothes. Or I'm superficial. Or I'm a procrastinator. Or maybe it just means that I dress for success ... and instead of needing therapy, I just need a higher credit limit. I saw an interesting job listing this morning and my first thought was, "I'd need a sharp new suit for the interview." My second thought was "and shoes." When I took up running a few years ago, I shopped like an athlete who had just been awarded a place on the Olympic team. For me, look the part = act the part. Yeah, so maybe I didn't actually make the team, but I looked good out there puffing and panting and cursing and throwing up.

This week I'm working on a script-writing project so, naturally, before I get anything down on paper, I'm shopping for the Oscars. Of course, I'd like to use my position on the red carpet, and stage, to showcase Irish designers, because I'm all Jennifer-Lawrence-humble like that. I was thinking an unknown Irish designer (because that will give me more to talk to Joan Rivers about when she asks the inevitable "Who are you wearing?") but before I commission an Avant-garde piece, I'm considering Irish designer, Don O'Neill's Hollywood glam pieces. I mean, if his slick, beaded numbers have helped Taylor Swift, Oprah, Nicole Kidman, and Carrie Underwood look like winners, then maybe they'll do the same for me ...
Don O'Neill

The name "Don O'Neill" is not as quick off the tongue as some other Irish design luminaries like John Rocha, Paul Costelloe, or Philip Treacy, but you've most likely heard of the Kerry-born, New York based fashion designer's super popular label, Theia, where he serves as Creative Director. O'Neill's designs are everything an Oscar-dress should be – elegant, sexy, classic, Spanx-hiding, and chic. Best of all, the shiny bits will distract from my but-wait-I-didn't-even-write-anything ramblings.

I'd probably get an award just for looking so glam. Good thing because I won't have time to write with all the Zumba classes I'll need to take to fit in to one of these gorgeous gunas. And then there's the shopping for Zumba ...

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