Feb 14, 2014

Grá agus Ainmhian/Love and Lust

I thought I would share a few current (Irish) loves in honor of Valentine's Day. Hope your day/weekend is filled with tulips, truffles, and tenderness. I'll be watching a romantic movie—"Beginners" starring Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer, drinking wine, and eating Middle Eastern food. What's not to love? 

Claire Molloy uses hair from the manes of her horses (which she breeds) to embellish her beautiful ceramics. Love the subtle textures of this heart chain ornament.  ClaireMolloyCeramics.etsy

Eily O'Connell is my new jewel crush. I have very strong down-on-one-knee feelings for her work; it's organic, unexpected, and so very cool. Will def be featuring more soon. EilyOConnell.com

Helen Steele's designs are bright, bold, and colorful. I'm all about prints and Steele's are like wearable art. Love her fluid shapes and edgy-but-easy style. Sigh, I need an Irish shopping trip. HelenSteele.com


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