Jan 27, 2014

Sminky Shirts at Hairy Baby

Hairy Baby

Like Tommy-look-how-fasht-I'm-going Turtle, I was a bit Shtone Mad For Shpeed at the end of last year and somehow missed the exciting news that Sminky Animation and Hairy Baby have teamed up to offer a range of Sminky shirts and products.  From "All He Wanted Was a Bit of Cheese" to "Aren't I Pure Daycent?," all the characters that made Sminky such a huge online hit are now part of the popular HairyBaby T-shirt line.

Sminky ShirtsSminky Shirts
Sminky ShirtsSminky Shirts

What I love about both of these Irish companies is that they are authentically Irish, so much so that you have to be Irish, have close Irish friends/family, or have lived in Ireland at some point to truly get the humor. It's insider humor, simple and subtle—brilliantly so. 

Sminky ShirtsSminky Shirts
Sminky ShirtsSminky Shirts

I might be too late for Christmas but it's never too early to think St. Patrick's Day. If you want to act the real deal, you'll leave the Kiss-Me-I'm-Irish stuff to the amateurs and show your true colors with some daycent Irish garb (and support two Irish businesses while you're at it.) And there's no need to limit yourself to shirts; all Sminky T-Shirt designs are available as totes and mugs, too. That's right, that's right, that's right, that's right ....
Sminky ShortsSminky shorts

If you need more Sminky styles, check out Sminky Animation's own selection of tees (and corresponding videos) at Sminkyland. 

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