Dec 3, 2013

Buy Irish: Sealed with Irish Love

22 days until Christmas. For me, that means about 20 days of shopping for myself and 2 panicked days getting creative on the cheap – baking cookies, knitting mittens, and painting (abstract) pet portraits. I never shop ahead. Not just because I'm not that organized, but because I enjoy December and all the naughty or nice list decisions (over hot chocolate) it brings. Thanks to an early Bourne-like brainwashing to "Buy Irish," I can't but use this season to introduce non-Irish friends to favorite Irish brands and goodies and to give expat Irish friends and family a little bit of home. I thought I'd share a few of my faves here for the month of December (though, I may have to spike the hot chocolate to make it all the way!)

Brand new Irish homewares and gifts company, Sealed With Irish Love, offers a lovely blend of Irish nostalgia and fresh, modern design. The product range includes notebooks, card sets, mugs, tea towels, and coasters — all decorated with quintessentially "Irish" images like the windswept hawthorn tree, old Irish bicycle, bird feathers, and a village water pump, and all right at home in today's young Irish kitchen.

While working abroad for a number of years, founder Máire McKeogh recognized the emotional tug and power of a little something from home. Upon her return to Ireland last year, this nostalgia for her Irish surroundings combined with a background in interior design inspired Máire to design and create her own little somethings from home. Inspired by Máire's childhood in the west of Ireland, and many ramblings and road trips around the country since her return, the contemporary designs are sure to pull at the heart strings (and—fingers-crossed for this new company—purse strings) of Irish at home and abroad. I know the mugs in particular inspire a three-for-me-one-for-you shopping response in me!

Get your Irish up and get your shop on:
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