Oct 14, 2013

Spotlight: Lisa O'Neill, Same Cloth or Not

Excited to hear that Irish folk musician Lisa O' Neill is set to release her second album, Same Cloth or Not, on October 18. The follow up to 2009's Has An Album, this sure-to-be-utterly-enchanting (and not-even-close-to-the-same-cloth-as-anyone-else) album was recorded in a little house [I made that up; it might have been a big house] in Wicklow with producer David Kitt. O'Neill will hit the roads of Ireland and Europe with the new album starting this week, and hopefully the enigmatic and poetic storyteller will row a little boat across the Atlantic at some point so us lost souls can listen to her storied songs live, too. Maybe you should join me in preordering her album on iTunes so she can buy some travel size shampoos and anti-nausea Sea-Bands for her travels.

Here's a little teaser vid from Myles O'Reilly:

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