Jul 11, 2013

Thanks Be to Ted

Things have calmed a little on the work front for me so to prevent myself doing any of the cleaning, reorganizing, or painting projects I put off doing while I was up the walls, I spent yesterday looking for a job. Cleaning the decomposed vegetables from the fridge would have been more fun. I don't even want to read a rambling page-long list of duties, never mind write a clever and creative (but not too creative that it will scare off the square in HR) cover letter to convince someone that I would ever want to do all of them.
I came across one listing for a parenting writer for a pop-culture site and instead of feeling excited at the prospect of exploring my thoughts on the parallels of parenting newborns and teens, I felt sad that I would more likely be required to explore more ad-friendly content like "10 Ways Your Kids Can Dress Like Suri," "Keeping Up With North West," and "Dissecting the Contents of a Royal Diaper."
I sound jaded. I am jaded. Ugh, I hate being jaded. 

So instead of applying for jobs I  went to the dermatologist and got a biopsy of a mole. Going to a dermatologist after a week in the sunny Bahamas is like going to yoga after a curry. Double downer. 

In desperate need of guidance and a pick-me-up before I lost my entire week to despair, I turned to Father Ted.

I wanted to get myself the Holy Trilogy boxed set of Father Ted episodes but it's going for $100 on Amazon (careful now!). While my brother is sourcing me less holy copies I am taking comfort in YouTube clips and the sage words and style of Irish T-Shirt company, Ted's Tees.

"Down With This Sort of Thing"
From the episode where the controversial movie ‘The Passion of St. Tibulus’—which is banned by the Pope—is being shown on Craggy Island. Bishop Brennan asks Father Ted and Dougal to get the film withdrawn and as a result of their protest, it becomes the most successful film in the cinema’s history.

Note: This was my catchphrase for an entire year in college. I think it's time to resuscitate it.
"Nuns! Nuns! Reverse! Reverse!"
From the episode where Novelist Polly Clarke, author of the steamy ‘Bejewelled with Kisses’, comes to stay on the Island and Ted mistakenly believes she has fallen for him.

"Who's a Bit of a Moaning Michael?"
Ted, Dougal and Jack head off on their summer holidays to Father O'Rourke's caravan in Kilkenny. Unfortunately, a run-in with some naked occupants of the caravan park gets the holymen's holiday off to a sticky start. The situation deteriorates further when they discover Father Noel Furlong and his St Luke's Youth Group have moved into their caravan and are in the middle of a rendition of Ebony and Ivory. Just how many cover versions of Waterboys songs can they take before they give up the ghost and head for home...

Dreams Vs Reality
Ted gets the chance to appear on ‘Faith of our Fathers’, the prestigious Eireann telly show. Could this be the opportunity for him to find television stardom and escape from Craggy Island?
"Tom (wearing an "I Shot JR" T-shirt): Father?
Father Ted: Yes, Tom?
Tom: I've killed a man.
Father Ted: (nonchalantly) Did you, Tom? I'll have to talk to you about that later. I'm going to do an interview for the television!"

These shirts are a hilarious alternative to typical St. Paddy's attire, cool gifts, and an excellent conversation starter. Will a Father Jack Pop-Art tee help me find the right next job or a Mrs. Doyle Pop-Art tee get me cleaning like the housekeeper from Hell? Not a prayer, but they will get my head where I want it to be ... on Craggy Island. Up with this sort of thing!

Need a pick-me-up for your wardrobe and mood? Get happy/kitted out at TedsTees.com

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