May 9, 2013

Two Wooden Spoons

In my house, the wooden spoon was used to stir porridge and to rise fear. In the middle of an interrogation, my mother could just reach her hand in the direction of the drawer where this weapon was housed and we would cave. "Okay, I didn't brush my teeth!" By the time we were older and our confessions were of the kissing-behind-the-Cathedral variety, my mother had moved on to the hurley. Can't wait to rehash these stories and more (all of which my mother will vehemently deny down to the ground!) in a few weeks when I go home.
'Till then, a much softer, and sweeter, wooden-spoon association from This is the Kit -- found through RTE2's Other Voices series which I WISH I could watch from here. "Two Wooden Spoons." Not at all threatening. Unless you are threatened by loveliness.

Speaking of spoons, if your own are in need of an upgrade or you're looking to swap out some silicone spatulas for the real deal (because you'll never get a confession with a spatula), check out these handcarved spoons from Etsy seller, The Wood n Stuf, from Stuart Fernie in Co. Clare.

Made from sustainably-harvested Irish wood, sourced from a woodland nature reserve on the shores of Lough Derg. These really are quite lovely spoons – all made to order and all very affordably priced. Great gift for Mother's Day. (Just stand back when she unwraps it ;-))

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