May 8, 2013

Midweek Madness

This morning I joined a feckless choir of teenagers who howled every time there was a clash of thunder. It was so much more fun than clenching and waiting to be x-rayed by the next flash. The kids howled like wild wolves, fell about laughing in the pelting rain, and then hollered at the sky to give us more. It was exhilarating to feel that bold. That unafraid. To challenge nature. To laugh at its best rumbles and growls. I've had a bit of a crazed feel about me since. Unleashed. Or maybe, unhinged. One of those uns.

It might explain why I just went batty (or rather, baahtty) for Brigid.

Brigid is a friendly hand-knit Irish animal. "As a young sheep she grew up wandering the wild and windswept mountains of Connemara. Cloaked in cloud and drenched in rain, Brigid spent her youth in the mountains poking about in the heather and staying out of trouble. Her two best friends are Fionn the Fox and Liam the Hare, both of whom are a little mischievous."

Don't you feel like you were just struck by lightning when you look at this painfully adorable lump of Irish wool? I have no reason to purchase a €62 woollen sheep beyond a mid-week-mid-life crisis brought on by the old-age-low that came after the howling-high. 

Brigid was created in a collaboration between Makers & Brothers and Irish knitter/designer Claire-Anne O'Brien. 

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