Apr 26, 2013

Irish Sea-Washed Roban Backpack

I didn't know I needed a new backpack but I do. I have a cute but useless one that I use to ferry my wimpy weights to Zumba and sometimes to cart extra layers and snacks to the soccer field but, beyond the fact that it can be worn on my back, my backpack is not a practical backpack. A practical backpack has pockets, an obedient zip or buckle, and a be-prepared attitude. It can carry a laptop, lunch, layers, lettuce, lingerie, and other things I can't think of right now that start with letters other than 'L.' 

The one I just realized I want need must have looks like it's been around, but in a safe-sex kinda way. It's weathered, rugged, sturdy, and stylish. It's also been for a swim in the Irish Sea.

Dublin design company, Stighlorgan, makes "accessories that are built to last ... that take whatever the road throws at them." They use tough canvas, top grain leather, and thick jute rope fastenings. This spring, Stighlorgan has released its signature Roban backpack in a peat-green color and with an Irish-Sea wash.  The bags were soaked and ‘sea-washed’ in rough sea on the carved rock diving steps at Salthill, near Dún Laoghaire. They then went into an industrial wash to finish the process. The Spring 2013 Roban has a new weathered look; the canvas has become marled, the edges of the leather trim now have a two tone effect, and the jute rope has shrunk to become a rugged hawser.

The limited edition Irish Sea-washed Roban backpack will be available exclusively from Stighlorgan's website from Monday 29th April 2013. Only 50 bags survived the arctic waters so pre-order to guarantee availability. Bags are £89 and make a cool–and unique–Irish gift.


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