Apr 24, 2013

Irish Bookshelf: The Cake Cafe Bake Book

What to pack? What to buy while I'm there? What to make for dinner tonight? Welcome to my countdown-to-trip-home head. Another week and the 'dinner tonight' question won't even rate. I'm like a college student home for the weekend when I arrive in Ireland – stuffing my bag with anything that isn't nailed down. So far, I'm shopping for sweets, tea bags, salt-and-vinegar Taytos, Salad Cream, a Fisherman Out of Ireland hat to replace the beloved one I just lost in DC, and a butter dish
Oh, and books. I always end up carting back a gwawl of books, both new and used. There's always at least one cookbook in the mix (because you can never have enough sponge cake recipes). I'm already making room in my suitcase, on my shelf, and in my belly for Cake Cafe's Bake Book.

How cool is this book?

Self-published by Michelle Darmody of Cake Cafe, a small bakery and cafe in Dublin 8, and designed and illustrated by Niall Sweeney (of Ponybox), this book is jam-packed with tasty recipes and sugar-coated with cool graphics and illustrations. Not only is the book good enough looking to eat but it focuses on all things cake. Which means I can use it for every meal. The Bake Book offers illustrations, diagrams, and lots of advice and practical information, but my favorite thing about this book is what it does not offer – photography (which is probably why it was self-pubbed). Such a ballsy and fresh move. Let's recount: unique, graphic, cool, fun and cake-focused. SOLD!

Shop it: The Cake Cafe Bake Book

ps. The Cake Cafe also offers some cool, graphic aprons and tea-towels if you like your aprons and tea-towels to match your cookbooks.

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