Apr 22, 2013

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Dish

They say don't sweat the small stuff. But in a week of much head-shaking, sadness, and general bewilderment at such notions as terrorism and patriotism, I find myself comforted – or at least, comfortably distracted – by the small stuff. Instead of trying to understand how two young men could place a bomb at a finish line – a place of triumph and celebration – and in the vicinity of innocent bystanders ... of a sweet 8-year-old boy ... I find myself wondering how I have managed to date without a butter dish. 

I know, you thought I was raised right. Me too. I always thought I'd be the kind of grown up who would serve butter on a dish and milk from a jug. Instead, somehow, I serve a spreadable fat from a plastic tub and pour milk straight from a giant plastic carton. If you were to strap me to a kitchen chair and force an excuse out of me, I'd ask who has the time to wait for real butter to soften sufficiently to spread it on bread? Or the room in the fridge for a jug and a giant carton? But inside I'd know, I do.

I'll be heading home in a few weeks and I might make a butter dish the focus of my trip. Sure, there'll be a family wedding, a few birthday parties, and reunions with far-flung relatives and friends, but there'll also be the hunt for the perfect butter dish. And maybe even a matching jug. Thinking I might start with Dunbeacon Pottery's simple but lovely butter dish.

My first reaction is to want to use it to serve chocolate. Good chocolate. My second is an overwhelming urge to get buttering bread.  

Dunbeacon Pottery, run by ceramicist Helen Ennis, is based in Durrus in West Cork. Actually, the website describes the location as "west of Durrus in the west of west Cork." So it's way west. Homewares are available in off-white, green, and blue glazes, all inspired by the beautiful West-Cork location. I think my butter dish will have to be clean and simple off-white. I can see it on my table. Hear myself saying, "could you pass the Dunbeacon butter dish, please," and the kids smiling politely and saying "of course mother, here you go, and by the way this meal is delicious and your hair looks lovely today. Thanks for being so wonderful." 

To complete this rosy scene, I might have to get the matching jug and sugar bowl. 

And maybe some mugs. And pasta/salad bowls.

Now to figure out how I can swing a shopping sidetrip to the west of west Cork from a jam-packed agenda in Clare ... Handmade butter dishes for the bride and groom, birthday boys and girls, far-flung cousins and friends? Perfect! I guess I could pick one (entire collection) up for myself while I'm there.  

DunbeaconPottery online at The Irish Design Shop

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