Mar 13, 2013

Tea and Two Thoughts

1.  I just burned four pancakes and had to throw them out. I guess you could say that I just found a new (annoying) way to burn calories. I should have been eating eggs anyway.

I started out wanting to make scones because I've been a bit up the walls with projects and haven't baked anything in ages (and I have heavy cream to use up in the fridge). But then I thought I should wait and make scones when my son gets home so he can be a part of the mess and a good catch for a lucky (sane, and villa-in-south of Spain-owing) lady some day. So I made – and burned – pancakes instead. Now, I'm eating eggs and pondering what I should bake this weekend, so that one day my kids can sigh and remember how I used to bake the best Irish stuff on St. Patrick's Day. When you start to think about your legacy it gets a little overwhelming ... and before you know it, you're ordering Mexican food. So I am planning ahead.

What do I want to be remembered for? I want to be remembered for always trying to make scones that can measure up to my grandmother's. I also think I want to be remembered for Fish Pie (not that anyone in my house could forget the phase of making it every week that I went though last year), Kerry Apple Cake (which is often doughy because I insist on doubling the recipe to fit my pan and it never cooks through), and Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes – because I feel these best represent me as a person. To avoid last-minute takeout, I should probably just stick with scones. I gathered a few links to yum-sounding scone recipes in case you are also planning a sweet start to your Sunday/legacy:

Donal Skehan's Maple Bacon Buttermilk Scones (he had me at Donal Maple-Bacon-Buttermilk)

Clodagh McKenna's Short Scones

A variety of scone recipes from original Irish celeb chef, Darina Allen, including gluten-free scones, coffee and walnut scones, and Mummy's sweet white scones.

Smitten Kitchen's roasted pear and chocolate chunk scones. Seriously, take that Nana!

2. I think I have Post Traumatic Wet Disorder. I was harassed and haunted by a rain cloud all day yesterday and I am still shivering today. It was the kind of rainy day you see in a Lemsip Ad – only, I didn't take a Lemsip so my day didn't end with me sneeze-laughing in the rain. No, there was no laughing in the rain.

I was out and about all day, and by the time I got home I was cold and wet to the bone. Actually, I was cold and wet to the brain; I know this because I stood on the wrong side of the street waiting for a bus and missed my actual bus in the process. Did I mention it was pouring? I want to say that a truck rocketed by – through a big puddle – and tsunamid my outfit, just so you'll actually feel sorry for me, but it didn't. I did step in a puddle though, and I was wearing new boots. I know, I've gotten soft. What self-respecting Irish woman complains about rain? One who hasn't been home in a while. Well, I just booked flights home for the bank-holiday weekend in June and I can't wait to restore my thick skin then.

aer lingus flights sale
On that note, I have to share that I got a surprisingly decent deal with Aer Lingus -- $671 roundtrip, including taxes etc. My brother said "Jaysus, you won't get better than that for the summer" and I hope he's right (because my family is very competitive when it comes to getting the best deal). When I first came here, I used to fly home for $300 – and in February there were these two-for-the-price-of-one deals where two people could fly home for $300. Now, it costs twice as much for just me, the airplanes are dodgy, and I have to bring my own blanket and snacks. Old-lady gripes aside, I'm so looking forward to going home and I won't complain if there's rain.

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