Feb 9, 2013

Weather Desk

And then it was February. 

Almost mid-February if, like me, you spend so much time worrying about stuff you need to get done next week that it is next week already. Has been for days. But you still pause when you write 2013. Because, at the same time as it is next week, it is also last year. Yeah, and you still hover over the wrong age box on questionnaires. Someone wiping the soup off your chin is not far off ...

Under the Weather
A doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics yesterday. It felt dodgy because I wasn't feeling dodgy. I've had a nagging cold for like a week (which you now know means I've had a cold for weeks -- last week and next week and this week, too) and I finally dragged my arse to the doctor's office where, after an hour wondering why I was waiting for an hour when there was no one in front of me, I realized that I was feeling fine. So I started to cough and blow my nose loudly as if to kickstart the cold engine. It also kickstarted a memory of the time Dr. Bugler came to our house when I was small and my mother walloped me on the back of the neck when the doctor wasn't looking and whispered wildly: "Cough a bit, would you, cough!" Apparently, I was a little too healthy looking and my mother feared the doctor would feel he'd wasted a trip coming, and worse, that he'd think my mother was soft for calling the doctor when I wasn't on my death bed. So I coughed and sputtered and went rapidly downhill like a French factory worker forced to sell her teeth, hair and body to provide for her child.  I may have broken into song. Anyway, I've still got it. Just wish I also still had a doctor who makes house calls. 

Literally Under the Weather
We're nesting in the trail of a blizzard here in New York. I love the word "blizzard." It suggests special effects and sensational headlines. I love all the cancellations (in-laws, soccer games, and bathroom-cleaning) dramatic weather brings. Especially when it also brings hot chocolate, movie marathons, reading time, fleecy pjs, and time to catch up on all the work you didn't do all week while you were waiting to feel well enough to go to the doctor and fake feeling unwell. 

Last night I watched some old Burt Lancaster Westerns and the first episode of Breaking Bad. Today I will work for a while, curse my way down a snowy hill on a piece of aerodynamic plastic, (hopefully) finally watch a few episodes of the Irish show Love/Hate that my brother gave to me at Christmas, and then try and get myself a bit organized for the week ahead. 

Here's to slowing down February.

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