Feb 10, 2013

Watch this Space: The Pier

"The Pier" is an award winning Irish film that has played at over 30 International Film Festivals but still struggles to get distribution funds in order to show it on the big screen. Hopefully, its recently-funded Kickstarter campaign will change that. I plan to be first in line to watch it in a theater on this side of the Atlantic.

Larry McCarthy is a poor struggling fisherman who didn't have much but he had the love of a beautiful wife Rose and a young son Jack. His life was hard but he was content. However, his world was shattered when tragedy struck one night during a storm and Rose drowned. "The Pier" tells the story of Jack McCarthy's return to Ireland after 20 years in America to help his ailing father. It stars Gerard Hurley along with Lili Taylor (Six Feet Under, High Fidelity, The Haunting) and Karl Johnson (Hot Fuzz, The Illusionist) and was filmed on location in West Cork.

"In "The Pier," it was important to me to stay honest and show humble people bravely facing their lives. I wanted to honor the part of the world I come from - a place which is generally glossed over by a cloud of vapid clichés in Hollywood movies."--Gerard Hurley, The Pier Director/Writer/Actor

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