Feb 23, 2013

Fetching Collars from Lakeside Leather

You probably haven't noticed that I have a dog. I never talk about him and rarely take pictures of him. I don't send him postcards when I travel. I don't get excited for him when I see a cat go through the backyard. I don't yell at the kids to be more sensitive to the dog's fear of gates, doors, balloons, and thunder. I don't call the cat a mean bitch (and make fun of her bad knees) when she hisses at the dog for walking past her. I do get confused with a less-sane woman in the neighborhood who can often be heard saying stuff like "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Charlie, can't you see that I am in a rush? How can you possibly have anything left in that fart of a bladder? Can we please get a move on?" Yes, her dog's name is Charlie, too. And she says fart all the time because it is almost as satisfying to fling off the tongue as other F-words. Anyway, she's definitely not me because I would never say please.
I would say pretty please.

So yeah, I have a dog. What can I say? He's cute in a Lady-and-the-Tramp way. Celebrated in dog-park circles for his good nature, speed, agility, and ball-thievery. He likes his steak medium rare. He has nice ears. His parents weren't married and he often overcompensates for his lack of a glossy-coat with flash accessories. Right now, he's rocking a very colorful collar and leash that I bought him when I was in Guatemala last month. (Can you name-drop a country?) It's a little too festive for the cold weather we have here in NY and and could be interpreted as trying too hard, like showing up to the dog park in heels. 

Yes, Charlie M. Finnegan needs a new collar and leash. Something refined, sophisticated, smart. Made in Ireland is a bonus – although it could spark some my-granny's-dog-is-from-Ireland convos at the dog park. Still, "Buy Irish" and all that.

Introducing Galway-based Lakeside Leather:

Refined? check. Sophisticated? check. Smart? check. Made in Ireland? Check! Yes, these slick-but-rugged collars and leashes are made in Galway, and even better, by a lake in Galway. They're also made with pride which is added value, regardless of where the products come from. Oh, and while we're at it, they're affordable, too. I know, you should get a dog already so you can shop Lakeside Leathers. Name your dog Beckett; just trust me.

"In these days of mass production, with most finished products technically perfect but lacking character, I take pride in producing individually hand crafted goods. I love seeing the leather slowly develop into an article of beauty, while remaining simple, practical and enduring." - Ger, Lakeside Leathers

Now the website doesn't paint much of a picture of Lakeside Leather's surroundings but you can imagine that the making of these proud and high-quality leashes and collars takes place in a thatched cottage by a lake, though there is a distinct possibility that they are indeed manufactured in an Industrial Estate four roundabouts outside the town (and the "lake" is from a yellowed postcard of Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia, where a former worker vacationed ten years ago). I prefer the damp-cottage-by-the-lake scenario (with a token salty type wandering around the surrounding craggy fields with an optional cow thrown over his back), and so would my American dog. If I ever get around to actually contacting Irish makers for some profile-type pieces, I'll let you know what I can find out about Lakeside Leathers. I'll also let the owner of Lakeside Leathers know that they'd shift a lot of inventory if they slapped a few on some Irish wolfhounds and took a few photos.
Still, wolfhounds and thatched roofs aside, I'm loving the rich leather and obvious quality of these collars and leashes.

Also loving that I can order a leather belt, cuff and key loop to match.

Lakeside Leather's Etsy store

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