Dec 7, 2012

I'm happy it's Friday

I'm behind on a project that I haven't even started yet. I'm also behind on one that I have started. My big toe on my right foot is still numb from my morning walk. An old woman shook her head at the dirt of my jacket. I walk fast so I didn't get to explain that a big dog had tackled me in the dog park this morning because I put my hand in my pocket which the owner said was asking for trouble. I ran a "network test report" on my printer but then couldn't get it to stop flashing "FAIL"at me. So I unplugged it. I need to print my friend's screenplay draft. I finished off a jar of Nutella. I'm not sure what to have for snack now. Or lunch.
None of this mattters. Not even a numb toe or empty Nutella jar can get me down on a Friday.

I like the chorus on this new song from Villagers. "I waited for something and something died. So I waited for nothing and nothing arrived." I hope Terence Bliss (as in "momenTerry Bliss") feels better that it's Friday. I hope you're happy it's Friday, too.