Nov 27, 2012

Major Tom to Ground Control

Hello from Brooklyn.
Current temperature: 37 (although my nose-thermometer says 27).
Skies: There is no sky today -- just a blank canvas dripping a slushy rain. 
Mood: Chill. I'm editing a lovely project, hot cup of tea at my side and passed-out-puppy on the couch. I'm feeling optimistic and all is well with the world.
Sounds: Jazz on shuffle. Right now Kermit Ruffins with the Rebirth Brass Band (wha?) are belting out the "Happy Birthday" song and it's not my birthday so I don't mind Kermit rasping "how old are you now?" Such a nice song when other people are not ruining it with wrong keys and scene stealing cakes. Car-splashing out front. Slight rumble of subway underneath. Puppy whelping in his sleep as he chases other dogs in the clouds.
Light: Fading. I pulled a light fixture from the ceiling a week ago in an I-don't-like-this-I-should-spray-paint-it-tomato-red fit but now think I should go for yellow or bright green and maybe I should paint the walls turquoise. Or maybe I should find a new, bigger fixture or a vintage one that I can spray paint tomato red or yellow or green? Or maybe turquoise? I should probably get a desk lamp in the meantime... It's getting dark early these days.
Book: Country Girl. I'm really enjoying Edna O'Brien's memoir, Country Girl. I've been too busy to sit and read it all at once but I am enjoying teasing it out. I love spending time with Edna in the evening. I knew nothing about her, beyond the fact that I love her books, but she is a fascinating, lovely person and I will genuinely miss her company when I finish this book. 
Plan: Bake a Christmas cake this weekend. I have never baked a Christmas cake but my English friend at the dogpark —the only person who doesn't have prolonged conversations with her dog (speaking his part as well as hers), and so can chat with me—just baked four Christmas cakes this past weekend and has inspired me to give it a go. The fact that she made four means it can't be that bloody an activity — unless she's mental ... or lying.  Maybe she doesn't do her dog voice at the park because she's afraid her dog would give the game away. The dog did look at me funny when she suggested I order my glace cherries from Regardless, I will give it a go, if only so I can show off to lesser humans. Everyone knows that only the truly together bake their own Christmas cake. It requires planning, patience, and lots of alcohol. Not sure where I will find two of those ingredients.


Mise said...

Would you spray it tomato red and post an image of it here, and then we'll tell you if it would be better in yellow. It seems to me to be the only way forward.

Jacinta said...

Mise, where have you been all my life?

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