Oct 21, 2012

Bonzie Folkster Collaboration

I'm going to be finishing up my full-time gig in a few weeks ... just when I've finally figured out how to dress for the office. Getting dressed to leave the house every day might have been my favorite part of this job (that, and reading time on the train), although it definitely took me a while to find my new basics. Office fashion has changed a lot in the seven years I've been working from home, and knowing I was on a temporary contract meant I never wanted to spend much to build out a new work wardrobe. I did eventually find a formula that works -- nothing trailblazing, just simple basics with interesting accessories. Classic blazers, shirts, pants, and pencil skirts with statement shoes or jewelry, and the occasional crazy blouse, dress, or shirt. 

Exhibit A: sequined tiger sweatshirt.
(Yes, I'm still sending my niece outfit-photos from the bathroom ;-)

While I've been excited about returning to a more flexible freelance schedule, I will miss making an effort every day. Especially now that I've come across the final piece of the dressing-up-basics puzzle: Bonzie's collection of statement neck collars for Folkster.

Brainchild of Irish Stylist, Blanaid Hennessey and Sister store to Shutterbug Vintage Boutique in Kilkenny, Folkster is a one stop shop for everything trendy/vintagey/you should be wearing. Irish design brand Bonzie is best known for its quirky and romantic vintage-inspired wraps, bridal shrugs, and tiered skirts, but I am loving this collection of handmade Tribal/Aztec/Masai inspired collars. These dramatic pieces are exactly the thing to tie on over a simple white shirt (even a white t-shirt); they're like an instant outfit. Seriously, five of these and you would be dressed in a jiffy (and top style) Monday to Friday. Not a bother. But also not boring. I am already looking for another job so I can justify a Bonzie-Folskter purchase (or five).


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