Sep 13, 2012

Postcards from the Edge (of Autumn)

I need to write my grandmother a letter. I've been sending her postcards all summer, relying on the picture-tells-a-thousand-words stopgap until I can coordinate a pen, paper, and window of time to actually write my own thousand words of news, weather, whines and rambles.

It's somehow okay to write postcards in August; the heat and humidity doesn't permit much more exertion than the large-script-to-squished-script and feck-I-didn't-leave-room-for-the-address exercises a postcard demands.

September is another story. September is all about sharpening pencils and getting down to business. I'm somehow halfway through September, and not half as organized as I should be. I decided not to do any back-to-school shopping this year, embracing my new role as "that mom." I feel like the actress who has always played the good guy and is suddenly liberated by her new evil-villain role. I am a natural bad guy. You need how many pencils, sanitizing soap refills, and rolls of paper towels? Sorry, no can do. Shrug.

I've also been sending postcards to my nieces in Ireland. We had gotten into the habit of regular Facetime sessions, where they showed me their new shoes, favorite outfits, haircuts, and princess costumes, and sometimes I would show off a new nailpolish color, bracelet or shoes in return. We talked about sunglasses and tans, hair days and favorite colors. My sister is so not a girly-girl so I thoroughly enjoy  that she has three fashionista girls (just as she thoroughly enjoys that I don't have fashionista offspring!). To stay in touch, I've been sending them daily what-I-wore emails from the bathroom at work. Yes, I take pictures of myself in the bathroom. Corporate life will do that to you.

Finally, I've been sending myself mental postcards of the Summer that seems to have gotten away from me. I look at these pictures and try to suck the sunshine and fresh air out of them. 

Now, it's time I got to thinking things that are best stuffed into envelopes and ferried with extra postage.

I stopped at a Japanese store in Times Square (a store where I ogle perfectly-designed cups and socks and kitchen utensils when I need a break from my desk at lunch) and bought myself a new pad of paper and one of those multiple color pens so that I won't have to catch up on news, weather, whines and rambles in black and white. Bring on the letters of Fall.

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Oh how I love Muji. I have a denim apron from there. I adore it.

Letters and postcards and photos - all beautiful things. You look great, btw :)

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