Jul 12, 2012

The Project Twins

I see dead people.

way more dead people than living people.

The fellows who designed this Living & The Dead poster would be very interesting fellows to have at a party. You know, those offbeat guests who are as good at breaking the ice as George Clooney is at breaking the hearts. I'm not sure that Cork-based designers Michael and James Fitzgerald of The Project Twins actually attend dinner parties, but they do design very interesting posters, books, and the like. And even interesting designing twins need to eat. Especially if you make an effort with dessert. Again, who knows, they might be too busy designing cool logos and posters (so you should have a few ice-breakers ready yourself).

A few other items from The Project Twins online shop pictured below. My fave is Yonderly, the print with the bubble head, representing someone who is "emotionally distant or absent-minded." The twins thought they could remove the hair and I wouldn't recognize myself, but I'd know that blue shirt anywhere.

The Project Twins Shop

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