Jul 23, 2012

Brew Your Own Brand!

I'm very particular about tea. I care about the kettle, the mug, how recently the kettle was boiled, how long the tea brews, how long I have to savor it, and of course, the brew itself. I go back and forth between Lyons and Barry's—usually dictated by availability—but I'm mostly a Barry's woman, enjoying several "Golden Moments" a day. 

A box of Barry's is a regular go-to gift for tea-drinking friends because I am nice like that (and possibly because I want to be sure my friends will have a decent cup of tea for me when I pop in for a chat), so when I saw that Barry's offers custom-printed tea boxes, I ordered a few to gift for upcoming birthdays faster than I fly through a pack of biscuits with my afternoon tea. Personalized boxes cost $14 each and will make a great gift when packaged with a pretty mug.

You can also play with Barry's('ssss) Facebook app to make a virtual box for yourself; handy activity while you wait for the kettle to boil. (Kind of wish I'd ordered a bunch with my own name to elevate my tea-drinking experience/add "tea-blender"to my resume ...) 
Put the kettle on love.

Barry's Tea on FB

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