May 15, 2012

Watch this Space (and Video): Heritage Centre

Love this new video from Irish band Heritage Centre. It's for their new single "The Boss" from their upcoming album Alright, Check it Out, to be released later this year. I like the song, too, but have to admit that I liked it even more after watching the video. I know, real critics listen with their eyes closed (and probably don't like gummy bears just because they're so adorable and fun to play with before you bite their heads off).

The video features five women and is set in the sixties, but it seems these lads are indeed lads and they live in the less black-and-white here and now. 
Because you are that shallow and wondering what the boys had to hide behind black-and-white women from the sixties, here is a photo that proves that they are not bad looking Irish lads at all. 

Download the song for free from their site or Soundcloud (and go ahead and eat gummy bears with your eyes closed while you're at it). I don't know about you, but Heritage Centre got my attention with this vid/song and I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

Heritage Centre on Soundcloud
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