May 24, 2012

I didn't get a job I thought I might get. Maybe because I told the interviewer that I liked the second half of the job description but wasn't so pushed on the first. Yes, I still thought I'd get the job. I forgot that an honest employee is only half as valuable as an unpicky employee.
Anyway, it's all fine because I have a tan. In the rain. Well, looking out at the rain from the Starbucks I hang out at every late Thursday afternoon. The one where I feel appreciated by the person at the cash register who always remembers my name. (Confession: I didn't know her name so I just bought a tall Awake tea to surreptitiously find out. It suddenly seems to represent everything wrong with my life right now. All fixed; her name is Liz.)

The tan. Yes, I sunnied up my grey morning/mission-writing process this morning by applying some gradual face and body tanner. Now, the smell of depastification along with my gradually emerging  orange glow makes me think about less rainy days, summer afternoons, and the luxury of time to read. My pale golden (by Jersey Shore standards) self is immensely relieved that she told the truth and won't have to do the first part of that job. She won't even have to do the second half. She can instead compile a reading list of a few books—old and new—she's meaning to read in the coming weeks.

Mother America, a new collection of seventeen short stories by Nuala Ní Chonchúir.

Dubliners by James Joyce, in anticipation of Bloomsday on June 16th. Wish I could read this $4,000 first edition copy but that might require interviewing again.

Mistaken by Neil Jordan. Released last year but I missed it. I assumed there'd be a movie of it by now.

Blind Man's Bluff, a (soon to be released) book of anecdotes and cartoons by Aidan Higgins.

Saints and Sinners, a collection of short stories by Edna O'Brien. Missed this last year so high time I read it now.

Claire Keegan's Foster. Another one I've been meaning to get around to.

Sigh, so much to read, so little time.

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Whheee! I can highly recommend 'Foster'. I love 'Dubliners' too. And I hope you like 'Mother America' :) N x

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