Apr 20, 2012

Watch this Space: Maverick Sabre

I got a text message from my brother yesterday asking if I've heard of Irish singer Maverick Sabre. He had just heard an interview and insisted I check him out. In his words: "Some voice, I'll tell ya — I think you will like."
It took me twenty-four hours (I'm off caffeine this week so everything takes at least twenty-four hours) but I checked him out this morning. You should, too. This is the first single from his new album, Lonely Are the Brave.

I Used to Have it All

Predicting instant mainstream success for this London-born, Irish-raised singer. Love that distinct raspy voice, the reggae vibe, and the throwback (Amy Winehouse/Adele 'ish) sound. Also love that he's talented and not manufactured. Can't wait to listen to the entire album. A few more songs ... just because it's Friday, and I'm off alcohol and sugar, too.

Let Me Go
I Need

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He's doing that thing that Paolo Nutini does - that weird voice distortion. Hmm.
Still, best of luck to him :)

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