Mar 6, 2012

Wear Your Irish Pride on Your Shoe!

Hold off on that Paddy Irishman tattoo across your backside! No need to dye your hair green! I just came across Speakeasy Goods, a Portland-based company producing pre-made and custom wood lace locks (like registration plates for your shoes), and I think a pair of "Ireland" lace locks would be a subtle-but-oh-so-stylish way to represent your  Irish roots.

Keep it simple with a set of "Ireland" lace locks, or perhaps represent your mixed heritage with "Ireland" on one foot and "NYC" (or wherever you live) on the other. I kind of like the idea of making it a little more niche/keeping the people guessing by featuring my county (Clare, aka "The Banner") or local team (The Magpies) on my shoes. You're limited to eight characters max per lace lock, but that's plenty of room to get creative! Print something in Irish or maybe your drink order (2 pints of Guinness please!)

Lace locks are available in walnut or maple and cost $25 a pair. Love that the site shows you a preview of your lace locks before you order:

Just make sure you get a seat at the bar on St. Paddy's Day so that you can wave your shoes—and your Irishness—around!

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