Feb 1, 2012

Tomorrow (and Yesterday)

The Cranberries were the unofficial soundtrack to my early nineties (thanks for saying I don't look a day past 89 but I'm referring to the decade, not my age!). Every time I hear the song "Empty" I'm back on a bench on a wide suburban Dublin street. On a Tuesday. On my way to a doctor's office for my Immigration health screening. Two hours early. Dressed in my least-ripped jeans. Feeling a bit lost and scared. Listening to my yellow walkman. Yes, my walkman.

"Something has left my life and I don't know where it went to. Somebody caused me strife and it's not what I was seeking. Didn't you see me? Didn't you hear me? Didn't you see my standing there? Why did you turn out the lights, Did you know that I was sleeping?" stops me.
Guts me.
I sit back on a bench and cry openly. No one cries openly in Ireland. That's why we travel. A woman with a busy body way about her stops, gingerly sets her plastic bags of carrots, biscuits, and tea bags between us on the bench, and asks if she can help. She means it.  I feel bad for thinking she's a busy body. I want to give her my headphones so she can hear, and maybe have a bit of a cry, too.

"Say a prayer for me. Help to feel the strength I did. My identity, has it been taken? Is my heart breaking on me?All my plans fell though my hands, They fell Though my hands on me. All my dreams it suddenly seems, It suddenly seems, Empty."

"You'll be grand, love," she says as she gathers up her plastic bags.
She was right. I was grand, and so was Dolores, by the sounds of Roses, The Cranberries' first album in over a decade. Check out their first single, "Tomorrow:"

Can't but wish for a little more grit, but it's a catchy song, and it's good to hear Dolores O'Riordan's voice (and the original Cranberries ensemble) again. Wikipedia tells me she's only a few years older than me so it makes sense that instead of "Zombie," "Disappointment," "The Icicle Melts," and "Empty," these  days she's singing "Tomorrow could be too late, tomorrow could be so great, if only you had some faith." She and I should go for a pint because we're obviously in the same place; neither of us has the time—nor the dramatic energy—to be sitting in someone else's shopping, crying.

Tomorrow will be here before we know it. (No need to argue.)

Preorder Roses from Amazon and iTunes.
Get tour dates and news on Cranberries.com.
Stalk Dolores  on FB and their official YouTube channel.

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reb said...

saw them in concert the last time they were in town here in 2009 and was so, so, so excited to see that they were coming out with a new album!

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