Jan 18, 2012

All The Jewelry I Got


Okay, so I can't lament all the jewelry I never got without celebrating all the jewelry I just got this weekend. By "all" I mean one bracelet, but it's pretty special.

We had a very elegant black-tie wedding at the Pierre hotel in Manhattan: I was wearing a fairly unspectacular black evening dress (well, unspectacular after I pinned it in multiple places to preserve my dignity), and hair that could easily be categorized as both "toupee" and "momsy" (after sitting mute in a Brooklyn-Italian stylist's chair that morning), so the bling was necessary to elevate the outfit and mood and to weigh down my arm so I wouldn't drink too much->dance too much->bust out of my safety pins. 

Okay, after that lead-in, I will share this poser phone pic I sent my sister before we left our hotel room, along with a message "Packed the wrong knickers; will fill you in tmrw" which I won't fill you in on today. 

I stood awkwardly like this all night so that instead of focusing on my slit up to there or neckline down to there, people were forced to appreciate the shiny new bracelet that was making me very happy.
I thought it might be a while before I'd have a chance to wear it again but it turns out to be the perfect accessory to my jeans-and-jumper work outfit and the perfect antidote to carpal tunnel syndrome.

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You look ab fab and the cuff is gorgeous. I love gemstones and this is so ornate. Well wear :)

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