Nov 11, 2011

Love is Blindness

Eager to get my paws on the 20th birthday reissue of U2's electro-pop, Achtung Baby, which features covers by artists like Patti Smith, Damien Rice, Nine Inch Nails, and Depeche Mode. In the meantime, I'm listening to, and loving, Jack White's howling version of "Love is Blindness." Thought you might enjoy it, too. Happy Friday!

Jack White Love is Blindness


mise said...

Tremendous. Even angstier than the real thing.

Things are very slick round here nowadays; a fine new look. Bravo.

Jacinta said...

I know, great PMS song. Thanks, I've been fiddling around with design stuff here that I really shouldn't be fiddling with—anything to keep me from my to-do list! I should put my mind to more productive things like making yogurt ...

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