Oct 27, 2011

Stork Visit!

I just had a baby. 
I didn't even know I was pregnant. 
It's been quite the upset really. 

I woke up Sunday morning feeling a bit hungover from the Octoberfest party I went to Saturday night, and by Sunday evening I was waiting for TLC to add my just-thought-I-had-a-beer-belly story to their I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant series. 

Thankfully, despite my lack of self-awareness/vitamins, the baby is healthy and fine. He's quite hairy, won't take the boob in the middle of the night, and struggling a little with potty training (he loves to pee in the garden), but all in all he's a little sweetheart and proof that the best things come in unexpected packages.

We didn't have nine months to battle out names so his name has changed three times in three days. Today, he is Charlie M. (for Miles) Finnegan.
He's got my ears.



What a cutie! Congrats, Mammy ;)

smallsight said...

Adorable! Congratulations :) Having a dog is such a joy in life, one that I truly miss

Irish American Mom said...

He's gorgeous. My four kids are begging me for a dog. My big dilemma is what to do when we take our annual trip to Ireland for summer. Six weeks in a kennel is a dog's life.

Congratulations on your new arrival.

Jacinta said...

Thanks ladies; he is a little heartbreaker (and rug ruiner, too!) I hear you IAMom --we haven't gotten a dog before now because we too travel a lot. We have traveled for long chunks of time in Summer, but now that one of my guys is bigger, he doesn't want to be away from home/friends for so long anyway, so it makes more sense now. We have talked about it for years, and then finally stopped thinking about it and went to a shelter and got one! I've decided that I'm better at reacting than planning! Now we have a puppy and everyone is happy and we will deal. Having a puppy I could just as easily talk you out of getting one as I could talk you into getting one! (You can borrow mine anytime ;-) )

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