Sep 7, 2011

Old Bag Lady

If shoes say a lot about a man, then surely handbags speak volumes about a woman. I wonder what this "P. O'Hara Registered Cow Doctor Tipperary" handbag would say about me.

It might offer more questions than answers ... A cow doctor on the NYC subway? I wonder what kind of tools she's got in there? Is that a knitting needle I see sticking out? I bet the 'P' stands for Persephone or Penelope—no, it's probably Patsy. Handy to know we have a cow doctor in our car if we need one. I wonder if she treats human cows, too—I have a few in my office. I bet she has some interesting stories to tell. We should invite her to our house in the Hamptons ...

I say would because it was already sold before I could speak volumes about my eccentric taste/delicate state of mind by spending too much money to look Dr.-Quinn-Medicine-Woman-meets-Irish-Mary-Poppins. Sigh, there's no denying that my P. O'Hara would have given Louis Vuitton a run for his money/"it" bag title.

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