Aug 19, 2011

This weekend

A day to myself is unusual. A Saturday to myself is unheard of. This might be the first one ever. I'm feeling a little pressured. Should I sleep in or wake up early? Should I spend the day with a friend or spend the day with myself? Museum or beer garden? SoHo or downtown Brooklyn? Writing or painting? Baking or shopping? A bike ride or a walk across the bridge? Manicure or massage?

Feel guilty for doing nothing or feel guilty for doing something?



I hope you figured it out and had fun, one way or another :)

nadia stieglitz said...

You made me laugh! I know the dilemma... So what did you end up doing? Nadia

Jacinta said...

Well ... I went for a bike ride (nothing too strenuous), took a bath (first one in years I think), and then I sat out back for ages to read the Sunday paper (weekend NYTimes) on a Saturday and to eat mashed banana on heavily-buttered toast. I wrote for a while and then wrote a letter to a friend. I pottered about and considered going to a movie but then I watched Limitless from my couch mostly because a friend had a decent part in it. Then I went out and picked up steamed dumplings and a shrimp taco (no limits to the indulgence!). I fixed a pair of earrings I've been meaning to fix. Put photos in an album. Found a place to take art classes. Listened to Beirut and Bjork's new albums while flicking through Fall fashion mags. Finished my night with fresh sheets on the bed and HGTV's Secret of a Stylist which I can never manage to catch on a Saturday night!
easy, lazy, nice.
Hope your Saturdays were fun! xj

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