Aug 24, 2011

Keep Going Sure It's Grand!

I got stuck in an elevator with Ed Burns several years ago. There were a lot of agents and art galleries in the SoHo office building where I worked, so many a work day started with the words "guess who I saw in the elevator this morning!" I was more interested in my lunch than people-watching when I first got into the elevator that afternoon, but when it sped from the ground floor to the top and down three times without stopping, I looked around and found myself on a rollercoaster with actor Ed Burns and some other guy. When the elevator finally stalled between floors halfway up, I held up my brown paper bag and said "I don't know about your desert island lists, but mine always included a chicken sandwich!" Other guy made agitated noises as he hammered on the emergency button, but Ed Burns laughed and said he felt so relieved knowing he was stuck in an elevator with an Irish person. 

There is something quintessentially Irish about making light of heavy, scary, or potentially life-threatening situations. It's something I miss living in New York, where the inclination in an unscheduled moment is usually to complain or completely freak out (illustrated loudly by my inconvenienced neighbor-the-dentist and his whiney client-in-need-of-dental-and-maybe-mental-work after yesterday's earthquake tremors). 

Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to the calming designs of Dublin graphic designer Fergus O'Neill ...

I think I've featured O'Neill's "F It Sure It's Grand" and "Keep Going Sure It's Grand" prints (the Irish answer to the ubiquitous "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters) before, and I still get a kick out of them, but the Grand Grand line has expanded to include a bunch of other stuff I love, too.

Baby vests to ensure Ireland keeps growing easy-natured future generations:


North Side and South Side badges (a fun take on those omnipresent North Face badges!) and Fine Words Butter No Parsnips print (top of my wishlist):

and Holy God these lovely t-shirts!

No need for panic. Just slowly make your way to

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