Aug 11, 2011

Jam Drop Cookies

Gene Kelly liked to sing in the rain. I bake.

Rain drops > Sugar levels drop > Jam drops.
[a passing shower. I have to move fast.]
Oven to 375F.
A stick of butter, a cup and two-thirds of flour, and a half-cup of sugar into the mixer for a few minutes.
A little beaten egg pulls the mix into a stiff dough.
Roll walnut-sized balls and line them up on baking sheet.
[the phone rings. no time to talk.]
Flatten slightly and make a dent with thumb.
Add a drop of jam.
Into the oven for 15 mins.
[repeat favorite cloud words: cirrus, nimbus, cumulus, stratus, iCloud.]
Burn roof of mouth with hot jam.
[rain and sugar storm moves on.]

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