Aug 9, 2011

Dog Days

I'm a little behind on my life at the moment but that's what happens in the dog days of summer. For those of you not familiar with the Wikipedia entry on "Dog days," they are the hottest and most sultry days of summer, and were once believed to be an evil time "when the seas boiled, wine turned sour, Quinto raged in anger, dogs grew mad, and all creatures became languid, causing to man burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies." Lovely.

I've been dog-sitting the past few days so my days have been more dog than usual.
How cute is this guy? 
(A lot cuter than the pile of unraveled yarn and half-chewed loot I found in a corner this morning.)

There's no point trying to get anything accomplished during languid phrensies. It's hot. My brain keeps moving from solid (brain freeze) to liquid (brain melt). There's nothing for it but aimless wandering around the internets and weekend-like round-ups on a Tuesday.  A few things I'm melting-freezing-melting for ...

White Tea Engagement Shoot

I'm nosy so I always love looking at other people's photos, but I want to be in these gorgeous engagement photos by Dublin-based photography duo White Tea. Love the styling, the props, the outfits, the beautiful backdrop. Seriously, if you know anyone getting married in Ireland, you have to send them up the mountains with White Tea photographers. In the meantime, take yourself for a nosy gander through their wedding and engagement photo galleries.

Lisa O'Neill
I've been listening to Lisa O'Neill Has an Album by Cavan singer-songwriter Lisa O'Neill the past few days and I'm so taken with her distinct young-and-old voice and poetic lyrics and imagery. Wish I could have caught her on her recent North American tour with David Gray but had to settle for her album available on iTunes, and videos on her YouTube channel.
Her versions of Sinead O'Connor's "Three Babies" and Ivor Cutler's" I Worne My Elbow" are the perfect soundtrack to these sea-boiling, wine-souring days.
Check out her YouTube channel
Stalk her on FB

The Anti Room
I should be reading Paul Murray's An Evening of Long Goodbyes right now but, as mentioned on Facebook, I ordered it in German. (Warning: do not operate shopping machinery while under influence of dog days.) So, I'm hanging out in the Anti Room, "the home of many Irish ladies writing about everything from fashion to feminism, pop culture to politics." I popped in this morning and found Ann Cronin's plans (and dreams) to hop on the emigration bandwagon/boat, Kim Porcelli's seven minute hummis recipe, and a guest's post on her virtual father. So much better than reading a German dictionary.



The engagement couple are v cute indeed. Living their own movie :)

I love the way Lisa sings in her own accent.

J - you simply have to sub to this:

Jacinta said...

Nuala, thanks for sharing the Stinging Fly link ... so excited to give this a go!
I loved your wedding story (the gum was such a tender spot) and your own special connection to New York. Also LOVE that you wore teal!


Thanks, my dear. At 40 and with 3 kids I wasn't exactly bridal white material :) I wore a maxi dress from Zara. Beautiful!

Hoping to see your NY story there soon :)

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