Jul 3, 2011

This weekend

It's Fourth of July weekend and I am celebrating all things red, white, and blue by fully engaging in all sorts of fun activities (i.e., biking, beach-going, partying) sure to leave me at first red, then pale white, and finally blue in the face!
So far, I've taken in a mandatory summer blockbuster movie (Transformers 3), hit the beach, strolled a boardwalk, played a foul-mouthed game of minigolf, and baked (and prayed over) a raspberry-apple pie—with a lattice top, heavy cream, and side of blueberries (I was hungry!) to give it a red-white-and-blueand-hungry edge over my aunt's classic Irish apple tart.

In a little bit, I'll be heading out to my cousin's "Beer and BBQ Extravaganza" in New Jersey, and tonight I will sample the blues in a dive bar in the East Village. Hopefully, tomorrow will leave a little time for lounging, reading, and maybe even fireworks ...

House of Exile by Evelyn Juers, about the great exodus of European writers to foreign parts during the rise of Hitler. It's a biography of writer Heinrich Mann (brother of the more famous Thomas) and his second wife Nelly Kroeger, and also somewhat of a collective biography of writers and intellectuals exiled from Germany in the thirties. The subtitle—"War, Love and Literature from Berlin to Los Angeles"—pretty much sums up everything I'm looking for in a summer read; add a mention of James and Nora Joyce (as well as other writers like Nettie Palmer, Franz Kafka, Robert Musil, and Virginia Woolf), a positive review in the Guardian a few weeks ago, and some leftover pie, and I'll be sitting under literary fireworks all day.
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I'm not an American citizen yet (we can talk this out over a pint someday) but I'm pretty sure there are mandatory appreciate-the-flag exercizes I should practice on the Fourth of July ... from a lounging position ... with a beer and burger in each hand. Wish I could be seeing stars and (sunburn)stripes from this Lean Back chair.

It's designed by Irish landscape company Outerscapes and made from hardwood pallets unearthed in a Wexford piggery (I half want these just so I can say "Wexford piggery" everytime I offer guests a seat). Apparently, the Lean Back chair was such a hit at this year's Bloom (an Irish garden festival) that Outerscapes' Breffni McGeough and Francis Doyle are now trying to figure out how to make Lean Back chairs available to all of us who like to lean back ... and say Wexford piggery.

Have a great weekend!


josie said...


you are too funny!

so yeah, that pie looks delicious, any way i could get a slice?

sounds like you are having the perfect july 4th weekend. hope it stays awesome with no sunburns.

ps. i recently became a citizen so can def. chat this over a pint someday. :)

Jacinta said...

Josie, I dropped the pie in my cousin's driveway!!! It was like I stepped on a landmine with the deathly howl I let out and the gorey raspberry innards sprayed all over my legs and sandals! (Sorry to sound so morbid but I was far too attached to that pie!) Next time I will pick up a pound of Italian cookies like everyone else! Hope you are having a great weekend and congrats on your citizenship——July 4th must feel pretty cool when you become a citizen! xx

josie said...

oh no!!! i am so sorry, about your pie. it looked gorgeous, so sad!

it was a pretty rad july 4th. bbq, friends, few fireworks - the works!

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