Jul 12, 2011

Orla Kiely AW 2011/My New Work Wardrobe

I've been freelancing from home for a few years now, and while I love the flexibility and lack of stress, every so often I get the bug to go back into a corporate environment. I don't miss the awkward elevator chats, the constant time- and energy-suck meetings, or not being able to pee in peace (until everyone leaves the bathroom—which in a large office means serious kegel exercises); I do miss dressing for work. Dressing for work is not just dressing to feel more perky/confident than you are in one of those sucky meetings, it's dressing for the NYC subway at rush hour, dressing to encourage yourself to actually leave the building at lunchtime, dressing to bump into P-Diddy and his butler when you come flying out of a revolving door (I patted him on the chest and said "Oh my goodness, I'm sorry P-Diddy" though I wish I'd called him Sean Puffy), and dressing for after-work shopping or drinks—preferably in SoHo.
Today in my home-office, I'm wearing cut-off jeans and a once-white tunic. In case you are imagining sexy cut-off jeans, let me clarify that I cut the legs off my jeans myself (with a nail scissors), so one leg is longer than the other—a look popular with bike messengers and gang members, but not particularly flattering. The once-white tunic could also be described as yellow. The bottoms of my feet are manky from walking barefoot out back/in my kitchen. Sigh, I look like I work at Woodstock.

Orla Kiely's AW2011 lookbook has me updating my resume:
I'd be so Alexa Chung-meets-Mod-Mad Men swanning around the office/revolving door in those beautiful, thick coats ... the short, wool dresses and A-Line skirts ... the cable-knit skirt suits ... the tailored check suits ... the black socks and ankle strapped shoes. Love that this collection is polished and professional but also easy-to-wear and cozy. So cozy in fact that I could just swap out the ankle-strapped heels for slippers (and the made-up face for an unwashed face) and wear this collection at home (says she as she walks away from her resume to put the kettle on).

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Oh man, me too - I so miss dressing up for work. I dress up to give readings/classes and it's such a buzz but I often crave dressing up every day. Empathy.
Orla Kiely - :0) She is SO fab. I own one OK bag. Love it.

Jacinta said...

If there was a Dear Fabby, I'd write her a letter/cry for help and sign it "It's almost noon and I haven't showered yet."
You might have to come give readings in NY so I can dress up to go to them. Or maybe I will start dressing for "the office" on a Wednesday, just to give myself/my week a kick in the arse. Perfume, lipstick, heels, and the whole shebang.
Y'know, I had kind of tired of OK's stem and cars prints for a while, but I'm loving her stuff again. Loving and needing.
ps. I think you look great today.



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