Jul 13, 2011

Beet Cake

My grandmother snapped the jar of sliced beetroot away from me and said "Now that's enough beetroot, you'll make yourself sick." She spoke in that same clipped tone she used when shooing the hens out of the kitchen, or calling the dog back from chasing Johnny Crowley's tractor—and it cast the same temporary spell. Before long, she was off "God's sake tonight!" hurrying my uncles back out to the waiting day, or hightailing it down the field to save her sheets and support stockings from a sudden shower ... and the hens were back in the kitchen, the dog back on Johnny Crowley watch, and I was back in the jar.
I threw up all over her oil-cloth tablecloth.

Now, replace that image of beet throw-up, and the sounds of my grandmother tutting like she was Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, with this beautifully-shot little video/recipe from Tiger in a Jar; it documents the baking of Beet Cake (I would love a whole series of recipes just like this one) and captures that dreamy magic of making something.
Makes me want beet cake ... and my grandmother to tell me when to walk away from it.


mise said...

Beautifully written, Jacinta - in truth, I'd rather more of your tales of your grandmother than the most perfect video recipe. "Sheets and support stockings" evokes a whole time, a whole sort of country life. I read it three times.

Jacinta said...

Three times? You get to take two extra biscuits with your tea today Mise! Thanks for the nice note!

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