Jun 11, 2011

James Vincent McMorrow at Mercury Lounge

I hung out with James Vincent McMorrow at The Mercury lounge last night. Of course, by "hung out" I mean hung on his every word and note ... and, ahem, hung on to his hand a little too long when I cornered him after the show to tell him how much I enjoyed his performance. "Awesome" is one of those quintessential American words I try to avoid for fear that "totally" and "dude" will follow and feature regularly, but there is no other way to describe McMorrow live—he's awesome (like totally!) Okay dude, I tell a lie; I could also describe his performance as poetic, magnetic, pure, and beautiful.

I want everyone to love JVMcM like I love JVMcM so I captured one of his songs to share; the iPhone footage is a little grainy but the sound is decent. Wish you could have been there (just not right next to me because 1. You're taller than me 2. I kept trying to sing to show off—to James and everyone else in the room—that I actually knew the lyrics, and 3. I couldn't quite master the whole clap-your-hands-and-say-wohoo-while-holding-plastic-cup-of-beer-in-mouth trick). 

Catch James live on his quick US tour if you can:
June 12 – San Diego, CA at Anthology
June 13 – Los Angeles, CA at Largo at The Coronet
June 14 – Los Angeles, CA at Largo at The Coronet
June 17 – Santa Cruz, CA at The Rio
June 18 – San Francisco, CA at Great American Music Hall
June 21 – Portland, OR at Aladdin Theatre
June 22 – Seattle, WA at The Triple Door


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