Jun 3, 2011

Gemma Hayes: Let It Break

In bluenosed-woollyknickered January, I dream ahead to summer, and it looks just like the promo pics and cover of Irish folkster Gemma Hayes's new album—all soft, lineny, floaty, blonde, and romantic.
We had a few days of summer here earlier this week and I was quickly reminded that Summer in New York City is not at all soft, floaty, or romantic; it's heavy, sticky, grimy, and slimy. It's frizzy hair, a shiny face, damp armpits, and a line of sweat rolling down your back ... at 10am. Still, there's the lineny bit, and with enough lemons and sun, by August there could be the blonde bit, too. Anyway, there's no reason why summer can't sound and feel daydreamy ...

I've been listening to Gemma Hayes's new album Let It Break the past few days, and it's breathy, golden, and light ... just like that midwinter mirage of summer in the city. A few listens and my mood lifted (along with the humidity), and those summery vibes (ahem, and four bottles of fake tan) will surely take me from pasty-glow to golden-glow in no time.

Here's Gemma playing "Waiting for you" live on The John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio 1:

You can listen to clips of the album on Gemma's site (GemmaHayes.com), and buy the album/a little summer breeze on iTunes.

Let It Break on iTunes
Stalk Gemma on FB


mise said...

Head in the sand me has only lately discovered her, and I like her a lot - she reminds me of Tori Amos but without the overt angst.

Jacinta said...

I'm really enjoying the album, though I kind of wish she had a little of Tori's angsty-edge ... she might have to dye the hair red for a while. (I say this as a student of the effects of hair color on life experience/the mother of a blonde and sister of a carrot-redhead. My hair was once purple.)

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