May 27, 2011

This Weekend


I caught Glen Handsome Hansard performing solo at the Temple of Dundur in the Metropolitan Museum of Art last night and I have a feeling I will be falling slowly all weekend. The event was in celebration of the exhibition Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsmen from Italy to New York, and included a private viewing of the exhibit and free beer courtesy of Harpoon Brewery. Add good company, a beautiful summery evening, and the fact that tickets were $25, and I hate me, too.
I wish I had recorded something to share but I wanted to fully experience the setting and intimacy of the event (and not watch it through a viewfinder), and the guy in front of me had big ears. There was also the matter of free beer ...
detail shot of a silkscreen poster created for the event by Hero Design Studio
Hansard performed a few new songs he's been working on as well as a few of my faves ("Say it to Me Now," and "Falling Slowly"), and he also had his friend Mark Geary join him onstage for "It Beats Me." I found this recording of Geary and Hansard performing the same song together a few months ago; just imagine it in the Met with amazing acoustics and backdrop and you'll get the idea.

Glen Hansard w/Mark Geary and Jake Clemons "It Beats Me".

The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers. I picked up a second-hand copy of this 1903 novel last year and turned to it rather desperately this week after an unsatisfying experience with Pete Hamill's Forever. Per the LA Times: "Childers' central character, Carruthers, enters the story as little more than a peevish dandy but evolves into an agent of daring ... The novel's climax, a fog-bound journey in a dingy, goes on for 50 pages and more, working as a masterful exercise in suspense because Childers makes his readers really feel that any one of many fateful moments of chance might indeed halt his heroes' escape and lead to their death."
Penguin Classics just released a new edition with a spiffy new cover and an introduction by the author’s great-grandson.
Available at Target

Rachel Allen's Favorite Food at Home
I'm picnicing this weekend to kick off the unofficial start of Summer, Memorial Day weekend, and planning to recreate Rachel Allen's chest of sandwiches—a loaf of bread hollowed out to hold sandwiches made from its bready innards (I'll make it sound better at the picnic).

Have a wonderful weekend!


josie said...

so jealous you got to see glen "handsome" hansard!

Jacinta said...

He was indeed handsome Josie! and just such a nice, warm, decent guy to boot. When are you off to Ireland?

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