May 22, 2011

My (Half) Day of Rest

The world didn't end yesterday but our Gaelic football season did, so for the first Sunday in ages, I find myself without a sideline to pace/a ref to begrudge. My day is my own, which means I can catch up on a little reading, correspondence, TV, baking, and lounging. Just as I was thinking this out loud, my man-half walked in and suggested that we should go grocery-shopping (and that I should drive so it can take twice as long and be twice as dangerous) and my son asked if his favorite sweats have been washed yet ... Okay, so half of my day is my own.

Watching ...

Episode 1 of "Kitchen Hero" by Irish everyman-chef Donal Skehan. I quite like his easy you-can-cook-too style, and his Donald Trump comb-over (minus the bald patch), and hope he'll keep adding episodes online for those of us [fortunate enough to be] outside the RTE TV-license zone. I'm thinking I might have to have Donal's Apple and Blackberry Oaty Crumble for dessert tonight.
Episode 1
GoodMoodFood Blog

Saddened ...

and kind of shocked by David Lenehan of ZX Code's visit to a ghost estate, built on the site of a beautiful old mill on the Owenmore river about 5 miles from Sligo town. It was finished in 2006, fell into neglect and disrepair, and is now waiting to be demolished. This is what a burst real estate bubble looks like. So sad to think of the the mill that had been there for over a century ...
via @AnnieAtkins

Listening/Watching ...

When I discovered ZX Code, I also discovered Mayo minimalist/ambient piano composer Conor Walsh and the perfect soundtrack to my quiet Sunday afternoon. Walsh has been composing music for ten years, and drawing upon elements of traditional, experimental, and minimalist genres. David Lenehan has filmed a few videos for Walsh and I especially love his latest video, "The Front," filmed in an old hotel.
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Watch/listen on his YouTube channel and Soundcloud

Until Monday my friends...

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