May 10, 2011

From Over Here

My sister is visiting from Ireland for a few days so I've been missing in action—mostly shopping action. (If anyone needs a guided tour of Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, Century 21, Gap, and Macy's, I'm your woman.) Today, we're going to squeeze in a little sightseeing and relaxation before she heads home tomorrow; we'll walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, take afternoon tea, shop Union Square, and then (sleep through) a Broadway show this evening. She's paying her daily respects at Century 21 this morning while I catch up on work, e-mails, and breathing, so I thought I'd hop on here quickly and share a really fascinating photo project I came across the other day.

Irish designer Paul May, a graduate student at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, wanted to create a "physical representation of the way Ireland is covered in the New York Times" to illustrate when Ireland has been covered, who and what the articles have been about, and how that coverage has changed over time. "From Over Here" is a series of laser-cut cardboard cards, one for each month between 1992 and 2010, representing news about, or related to Ireland. The size of the card represents the numbers of articles from that month (hence the top card is huge, representing the recent attention the Irish economy has received in the media), and the people and topics mentioned in the articles are etched on each card.

all images copyright Paul May

I've been fascinated by the idea and image of Ireland "from over here" since I first moved to the States sixteen years ago, so I'd love to rifle through these cards to see and feel exactly how "Ireland" has been communicated to the United States— and world—over the past twenty years. It doesn't look like there are any plans to exhibit this tangible news project as yet, but here's hoping ... and watching what May comes up with next.
See more photos of this project in Paul May's Flickr Album
Paul May on Twitter

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