May 16, 2011

Ciara Sidine

I have a love hate relationship with Mondays. Today it's all love, maybe because I haven't had a Monday in a few weeks. Or maybe because it's raining. I perversely love rainy Mondays. They're a good excuse to polish off the Godiva chocolates sitting in the fridge. I don't have a roaring fire to cozy up to, but I have a kettle and Shadow Road Shining, the rootsy debut record of late musical bloomer Ciara Sidine (aka Ciara Considine).

Love that Sidine—one of Ireland’s best-known literary editors, a mother of two, daughter of novelist June Considine, and niece of writer Dermot Bolger—just recently decided to step away from the day job to indulge a lifelong ambition to become a singer-songwriter. 
In an interview with the Irish Times she said, “If you have a talent it’s quite easy to just keep it to one side and not mention it to anybody ... but as you get older, it sort of burns inside you. As I got older I felt increasingly that it didn’t matter what the outcome might be – I just had to give it a go.” 
Seems her "go" has been very well received so far; Hotpress declared her "One of the most talented singer/songwriters to emerge in Ireland in decades" and GetReadytoRock said she's "One of the most exciting new vocalists I’ve heard in quite some time."

Sidine's voice has the perfect amount of longing for a rainy day, and her story just the right amount of inspiration/kick-in-the-arse for anyone with something burning inside ... on a Monday.

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