Apr 29, 2011

Tea (Party) and a Thought

I went to a royal tea party this morning at my British friend Sarah's house to watch William and Catherine say their I Do's. Oh, who am I kidding? I went to ooh and aah over Catherine's dress, William's grownupness, and to drink pots and pots of tea and eat plates and plates of scones with friends. Weddings generally make me feel good will to all people, but this one made me feel a bit jealous—both of Catherine's beautiful dress and Sarah's decidedly untacky collection of patriotic paraphernalia.

Sarah has a collection of Emma Bridgewater tea cups and plates all handmade in Staffordshire's Stoke-on-Trent. She mixed her Union Jack pieces with Bridgewater's Starry Skies tea pot and creamer for a fun but stylish effect. I don't necessarily need to display my patriotism on a tea-pot, but I'd like to have the option to do so—and stylishly please. Seriously, I can't think of anything with the Irish flag on it that looks quite as smart and classic as Bridgewater's collection. I'm not a hater (despite my comments about the Easter Bunny and—after a few drinks—about my cat) so I'm not going to show you examples of garishly "Irish" pottery to illustrate my point here.
But, don't you think someone (shushing the voice in my head that says I should take some pottery classes) could make a tea set like Bridgewater's Hearts collection using shamrocks in nice shades of green and/or mustardy-gold? And maybe (to mix and match), there could be a selection of white pottery plates with muted green, white, and gold stripes or bunting around the edge? All so I can be prepared for when Prince Harry marries a nice Irish girl? I know, I should get a grip.

Before I run off to do just that, I have to share my new scone discovery. Sarah had some instant scones from Immaculate Baking Co. (sshh! don't tell her mother!), and they were so quick and easy and tasty that I'm thinking to have a few rolls in the fridge for when I need instant, no-mess gratification. Delish.


Annie said...

I heard horrifying reports from the American party Fiona went to that nobody there recognised Posh and Becks and someone kept calling the mushy peas "squishy peas". I'm aghast!

Jacinta said...

Sigh for the days when such crimes were met with a good beheading!

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