Apr 6, 2011

Tea and a Thought: Whensday

I am snuggling into a cup of hot tea and struggling with a mid-week crisis. I have work to do but I can't get it done because suddenly it feels unbearable—nay, irresponsible— to ignore my bigger mission which might just be to invent a device that automatically tops up my tea when it drops below a certain volume or temperature. Yes internal smartarse, I know what a teapot is, but I also know it's not cutting it midweek. My cat has a contraption that automatically tops up her food and water when we abandon her for a weekend, and my plants, fish, and garden weeds have similar, handy "on-tap" arrangements that do not require them getting off their backsides/roots to put a kettle on ... so, why not my tea-cup?

Or maybe I need to be building a workbench? See, I've been taking a silvermithing class that I am very excited about in theory but I'm kind of sucking at in reality. I say "kind of" sucking because—according to the back cover copy of a self-help book I walked past the other day—I might be holding myself back due to a fear of success. To realize my full potential, I need to show myself that I take myself seriously by building a silversmithing studio in my dining room. I'll need rawhide mallets, saws, a supply of liver of sulfur, and some precious metals and gems. First, I might have to take a carpentry class to learn how to build a bench ...

Also, I just got a new camera (because my old camera dropped dead the day I arrived in Ireland last month). My new camera is a very nice camera but I have to read a two-hundred page manual—in both Spanish and English—before I can use it. I tried to wing it to get a head start on my new career capturing never-before-seen wildlife behavior for the Discovery Channel, but the resulting photos suggest prolonged study of the manual + a three-month class + access to wilder life might be in order.

Foxy squinting
stuffed animal feeling stuffed
there was a squirrel here ten minutes ago

Wednesday is my "Big Idea Day." It didn't have that official title until just now. It's the day I free my work and life schedule to do BIG things—like tend to those short stories I keep putting on the long finger, and paint that painting I dreamed I had painted. I think it needs a new title because "big" feels a little too BIG for a small day squished between bigger-achieving days of the week. I've long sought that mythical "Eighth Day" in my week to get around to all the things I love that I can't seem to get around to in the other seven; this year, instead of searching for that day I decided to make it happen right in the middle of my week. I created a day to create ... and at the same time created a monster. I'm completely overwhelmed by all the things I want to do—write something worth reading, draw something worth hanging on my wall, paint my dressers and replace the drawer-pulls, knit a blanket, reupholster a chair, and wallpaper my living room—and some things I probably should do—make Communion cards, learn to drive, eat lunch, stop dilly-dallying, and rename Big Idea Day.

Okay, enough dilly-dallying. Today shall forever more/until this day next week be known as Whensday—the day when I get my act together.
Starting now. 
Happy Whensday to you.


susan* said...

I love it. My wheels are turning now; I never realized there was so much possibility to a Wednesday, i mean a Whensday.

Jacinta said...

Hope yours was a productive one!

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