Apr 11, 2011

Borrow a Luxe Irish Home

I sometimes entertain notions about owning a little house in Ireland (actually, I prefer to refer to it as my "comfortable chic coastal cottage"); I'll spend every summer there, celebrate every important birthday there, and host wild and wonderful New Year's Eve parties there, too. My brother will tend to it for me when I'm on this side of the Atlantic, and my grandmother will deliver fresh eggs, milk, and scones to my doorstep when I'm home. When I was decorating my imaginary comfortable chic coastal cottage at mass this weekend, it occurred that an added benefit to owning a chic little cottage on the coast would be the ability to house swap. In my younger son's circle alone, there are four parents with houses abroad (Greece, Croatia, Italy, and Canada) who would surely want to swap for a chance to stay in Ireland—guided by my brother, fed by my grandmother, and entertained by my red-headed Irish-dancing nieces! 
This got me to wondering what (competition) houses are available for swaps in Ireland, and if I should skip the ageda of owning a house there at all and just borrow somebody else's ...

Sorry, this is all a long roundabout way of saying "aren't these Irish houses on Luxe Home Swap lovely?"

4-Bed House, Kilalloe, Clare
5-Bed House, Killarney, Kerry

4-Bed House, Connemara, Galway

Luxe Home Swap allows users to browse thousands of homes from around the world to find a vacation retreat specific to their holiday desires. The membership-based model ($159/year) ensures quality and style, and (unlike other home exchanges) you're not limited to direct swaps—you can visit any home that's available.
I wonder if my grandmother would deliver fresh eggs to Connemara ...

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