Apr 27, 2011

The Kanyu Tree

My favorite thing about Salthill in Co. Galway used to be Leisureland—a MEGA entertainment park right by the seaside with BRILLIANT bumper cars and a GINORMOUS water slide. My mother's company used to pile the kids of its employees into a LUXURY bus at the start of every summer and deliver us to Leisureland for a day of free rides and ice cream. I can still remember the new bathing suits, the free snacks, and the ALL-CAPS-excited-chatter on the bus on the way up, and then the sunburn, smell of chlorine, and exhausted quiet on the way home. Of course, I haven't been to Leisureland since I was a ten or eleven, and I'd be afraid to go back now in case—like most things when you grow up—it's not quite so mega, brilliant, or ginormous anymore. I'm pretty sure the bus was a bit of a bone-rattler.

Anyway, wishing all things mega, brilliant, ginormous, and luxurious for newly signed band/other favorite thing from Salthill, The Kanyu Tree. This song is a great start-of-summer song; I can imagine it blaring while I sit in the back of a banger bus on my way to Leisureland—sunblock on my nose, new sandals pinching my feet, and a summer-breeze in my heart. (I bet it's still MEGA!)

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